The Reimagined Bad Harriet’s Pays An Ode To Powerful Women Throughout History

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Nestled below the Aspen times building lies a reimagined Bad Harriets offering a bespoke cocktail experience, featuring innovative handcrafted libations and small bites, under the care of its master alchemists. The return of Bad Harriets at Hotel Jerome’s newest has been highly anticipated as it brings a lively, dynamic atmosphere to Aspen’s legendary social scene. The reimagining of Bad Harriets was an effort by the team to evolve the positioning of the concept to truly celebrate strong and powerful women, and to infuse a new sense of discovery, creating an intriguing and exciting place that’s unlike any other in Aspen. 

“Bad Harriet being housed beneath such a storied building (the Aspen Times – one of Aspen’s first buildings and one built the same year as the town was incorporated) demands a deep sense of responsibility. As we crafted the ambiance, no detail was spared. From the curation of the glassware, the music selection and the team’s styling to each one of our cocktails – we vowed to establish a meaningful and rooted connection to what the space is and the times it’s seen,” explained Passionate Chuchu Maitre D of Bad Harriet. “Specifically speaking about the cocktail menu, we divided it into three sections, Class (our take on classic cocktails), Style (celebrating a myriad of cocktail techniques) and Power (the celebration of powerful women). Class/Style/Power – this is the ambiance we create and what we stand behind. With food, we want to give our guests an unorthodox approach to food. All selections meant to pair great with our cocktails or simply on their own. “Victor” our gueridon is trollied around from table to table allowing our guests to order on a whim.”

Named after the wife of the resort’s original developer and proprietor, Jerome B. Wheeler, Bad Harriet celebrates powerful women throughout history. The revitalized liquid program has been meticulously crafted, encompassing sophisticated cocktails, avant garde technique and refined presentations. The guest experience is designed to envelop the senses which offers patrons the choice of an a la carte cocktail experience, “The Earnest,” or the multi-course “The Soiree,” a prix fixe bookable endeavor featuring a set menu inclusive of cocktails and bites. In addition, Bad Harriet will present a curated menu of flights of rare spirits, as well as exquisite wines to complement the offerings.

“We are thrilled to introduce the reimagined Bad Harriet and welcome Aspen back to a full sensory experience at Hotel Jerome,” says Patrick Davila, general manager of Hotel Jerome, Auberge Resorts Collection. “We are excited for guests to experience the venue’s playfully mischievous personality and ambience – offering a hideaway to sip on innovative cocktails and savory bites. I encourage all of our guests to put themselves in our hands and let us curate their experience through The Soiree, a multi-course cocktail journey paired with wonderful bites.”

Each cocktail off of the Power menu is named after a powerful woman throughout history with flavor profiles and presentation that pays ode to the powerhouses. ChuChu, Davila and General Manager Amanda Scully share the inspiration behind each of the cocktails.


Named For:  Harriet Wheeler, the wife of Hotel Jerome founder, Jerome B. Wheeler 

Why Harriet: Harriet is the matriarch of our Bar, in her times – the flip was a common cocktail enjoyed by “the ladies” of NYC.

Quote: “to be written”  

Ingredients: Pierre Ferrand Cognac | Smith & Cross Rum | Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon | Nutmeg | Guajillo | Farm Egg

Significance of ingredients / flavor profile: We consider this a light version of an eggnog. The intense flavor of nutmeg married with the subtle spice of guajillo pepper adds a spicy note to Harriet.


Named for:  Maya Angelou

Why Maya: As an American poet and activist, Maya Angelou is widely considered to be one of the most consequential figures of the 20th century. Inspiring the world for over five decades, first as a singer and dancer, then as a journalist and civil-rights activist, and later as a memoirist, poet and screenwriter. Her memory lives on in her powerful words which continue to enlighten us today.

Quote: “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” 

Ingredients: Fortaleza Reposado Tequila | Blood Orange | Cinnamon | Lime 

Significance of ingredients / flavor profile: This is a powerful, fiery and elegant drink. The conviction of flavors and subtlety in the palate reminds us of her.


Named for:  Amelia Earhart 

Why Amelia: As the first female to solo cross the Atlantic ocean in flight, Amelia embodies the pioneering spirit of women through the ages.

Quote from Amelia:  ”The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.” 

Ingredients: Aviation Gin | Crème de Violette | Luxardo Maraschino | Lillet Blanc | Lemon 

Significance of ingredients/flavor profile: A nod to Amelia is the use of Aviation Gin, paired with the exquisite flavors of violette, it teases a sense of adventure in the palate – one that is as beautiful as she was.


Named for:  Ruth Bader Ginsberg 

Why: Only the second woman to ever be appointed to the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a beacon to females everywhere for her tireless dedication throughout her entire career to fight for gender equality in legislation and beyond.

Quote: “A gender line … helps to keep women not on a pedestal, but in a cage.” 

Ingredients: Monkey 47 Gin | Campari | Domaine de Canton | Campano Antica | Oranges Ameres | Lemon 

Significance of ingredients / flavor profile:


Named for:  Frida Kahlo 

Why Frida: A true artist, Frida never shied away from overstepping society’s limits, and used her struggles as strengths. Her tenacity is ageless, and celebrated since she never conformed to society’s standards when presenting herself or her work.

Quote: “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”

Ingredients: Madre Mezcal Espadín | Apple Cider | Lemon | Herradura Platinum Tequila | Lime | Maple 

Significance of ingredients / flavor profile: Like all of her paintings the bold flavors of Mezcal shine to this drink, a tortured sole with a sweet approach to life.


Named for:  Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales

Why Diana: Princess Diana is one of the true female icons of our time – renowned not only for her style and grace, but even more importantly, for using her position of power and royalty to give hope to those in need, shining a light on victims of poverty, social injustice, and sickness alike. 

Quote: “I don’t go by the rule book. I lead from the heart, not the head.”

Ingredients: Empress Gin | Elderflower | English Breakfast | Lemon | Egg White 

Significance of ingredients / flavor profile: Feminine notes of flowers and tea indulge this cocktail and the gin makes it definitely stand on its own, just like Diana once did.


Named for:  Marie Curie 

Why Marie: The first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Physics, Marie Curie is best known for her discovery of both polonium and radium, as well as fundamentally changing our understanding of radioactivity. Curie’s relentless resolve and insatiable curiosity raised her to icon status in the world of modern science and beyond, making her a true powerhouse and female zeitgeist.

Quote: “Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas” 

Ingredients: Yellow Rose Rye | Tanqueray X Gin | 1818 Heering | Radio-Coteau Syrah | Black Peppercorn | Thyme 

Significance of ingredients / flavor profile: She was a very complex character, in her honor – we created an equally complex cocktail utilizing the flavor components of the Radio-Coteau Syrah.


Named for:  Coco Chanel

Why Coco: Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel (Coco), used fashion as her vernacular, liberating women from corsets, and allowing females to see fashion as a way to express themselves.  She paved the way for female entrepreneurs and business women, and her legacy lives on.

Quote: “I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.” 

Ingredients: Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila | Cantera Negra | Coffee | Cocoa | Kalani Coconut Liqueur | Sherry 

Significance of ingredients / flavor profile: Sweet, seductive and with a kick. Finding ingredients that began with the four letters COCO, we crafted an elevated and timeless cocktail

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