3 Types of Pork Adobo (Manila Day 2)

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On Day 2 in Manila, we didn’t do very much because I had a lot of work I need to get done, planning for my presentation. So we mostly woke up at the hotel, had breakfast and then moved to a different hotel. Most of the day was spent working.

0:22 Pork Adobo for breakfast – At Discovery Primea, they mentioned the day before that they wanted to bring breakfast to us in our room, and it would be a surprise what they were going to cook. Turned out to be Filipino food, including 3 different types of pork adobo – there was deep fried adobo, normal pork adobo, and coconut milk adobo. All of them were good, but I really like the normal adobo and the coconut milk adobo.

4:40 Transfer to Sofitel Manila – For the conference we were attending, we were sponsored to stay at Sofitel Manila, and so our next step was to move from Discovery Primea to Sofitel. We grabbed an Uber X, which is actually about the same price and more convenient than a taxi – at least from what I found.

7:09 Hanging out for Sunset – For the remaining part of the day, we just stayed in our room at Sofitel, and I really worked hard to complete my presentation. In the evening we spent some time watching the sunset over Manila Bay, which was beautiful.

Disclosure: We were invited to stay at Discovery Primea, so we didn’t pay for our stay. But everything in this video, and all thoughts are my own.


This food travel video was produced by Mark Wiens and Ying Wiens. The music in this video is from Audio Network.

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